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borescope inspection camera
borescope inspection camera
borescope for Android

2way Industrial Borescope

Industrial borescopes play an important role in today's society by examining areas that cannot be directly observed (such as inside aircraft, car engines, power plant turbines or pipelines) to detect problems or prevent accidents.
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Model: SP-2Way


  •  Ergonomic design, easy one-handed operation

  •  1.0 megapixel high-definition lens, brightening LED lights to restore the real picture

  •  Thicker copper core for stable signal transmission

  •  Three in one interface, compatible with a variety of smart devices

  •  Adjustable phone stand support 3.5~6.3 inches cellphone

  •  Optional 2.2mm/3.9mm/6.6mm waterproof and oil-proof probe tube


2way industrial borescope specification


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