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disposable bronchoscopy
flex bronchoscopy
single use bronchoscopy

Disposable Video Bronchoscopy

Diagnosis and surgery of the respiratory tract: Procedures such as lesion observation and biopsy
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  • Features
  1. Photo and video recording with external display
  2. Electronic imaging withclearer andmore realistic image
  3. Avoid cross-infection and improves surgical safety
  4. Avoid poor observation due to product aging and performance degradation
  5. Reducing the cost of use, no need disinfection and maintenance for the insertion tube
  6. Significantly shorten the procedure and articulation time to improve efficiency
  • Specifications
Optical SystemCamera resolution1280*720320*240320*240
Field of view100°50°50°
Depth of Field15~60mm
Flexible partDeflection Angle180°
Insertion PartDistal end diameter6.0mm5.2mm3.95mm
Outer diameter5.8mm4.8mm3.8mm
Max. insertion part outer diameter6.3mm5.5mm4.2mm
Working length650mm
Working channelInner diameter2.6mm2.2mm1.2mm
Total length850mm