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Borescope camera
borescope inspection
borescope inspection camera

HD Industrial Borescope

Borescopes also known as a Industrial video borescope, snake camera, or video inspection camera which are perfectly suited for the remote inspection of objects and materials that are otherwise obscured from the view of the naked eye.
Based on Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology, it-looker® video borescope can allow for the inspection of assembled parts without having to incur the time and resource loss associated with tearing the part back down, as well as the increased odds of additional damaged associated with tearing down and rebuilding just for inspection purposes.
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Model: SP-G2

  • One-click to photograph and video recording
  • Lens waterproof rating up to IP67
  • Matte surface, ergonomic handle design for better grip
  • 3.5” IPS screen, rechargeable lithium battery with 4 hours endurance
  • Optional 3.9/6.0mm probe tube with built-in 6pcs LED 
  • Consumable design of the snake tube, can be easily and quickly removed and replaced
  • Combined display, lens and probe tube performance advantages in one, more cost-effective.
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