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veterinary endoscopy
veterinary endoscopy
veterinary endoscopy
veterinary endoscopy
veterinary endoscopy

Veterinary Multifunctional Endoscopy

veterinary endoscopy used as ENT, bronchoscopy, Cystoscopy for animals
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  • Features
  1. Used as ENT, bronchoscopy, Cystoscopy
  2. Assisting in disease examination, sampling, diagnosis and treatment, expanding the view angle and range
  3. High quality image
  4. With working channel and suction function
  5. Reducing damage and irritation to animals
  6. A spare machine is provided during the maintenance period to ensure the product is used continuously
  • Specification
Outer Diameter4.8mm2.8mm
Deflection AngleUp≥180°, down≥180°
Working Length600mm±15%
Working Channel ID2.6mm±10%1.2mm±10%
Screen Resolution640×480
Screen Rotation AngleLeft and right 180°, up 160°, down 30°
Minimum Illumination25000lux