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video laryngoscope
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Video Laryngoscope

Video laryngoscope widely used in anesthesiology, respiratory, ICU, emergency center, ambulance, etc.
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  • Features
  1. 3.5” IPS HQ Display & Stable operating system
  2. Visible epiglottis improves the success rate of intubation
  3. Anti-bacterial handle, comfortable and portable
  4. Chargeable lithium battery, 4 hours of continuous use after fully charged
  5. One click to record typical intubation cases
  6. Available for image/video output to external display for teaching
  7. Disposable blades to avoid crossed infection
  8. Multiple size blades can be replaced quickly
  • Product Specifications
Screen Resolution640*480
Rotation AngleLeft and right 180°, up 160°, down 30°
Camera Pixels720P
Built-in Storage Capacity16Gb
Minimum Illumination1500Lux
Light SourceLED
  • Blades Specification
ApplicationFor infantsFor Adults
MaterialTransparent PC